Introducing the Seduction Squad

On Marc0317_9781488028168-seductionsquad_webh 27, the first book in my Seduction Squad series will be published by Carina Press. But who are the Seduction Squad, and where did the idea come from?

Sex, secrets and slaughter. That’s the motto of the organization known as the Seduction Squad.

I based the Seduction Squad on the sixteenth-century team known as the Escuadrón Volante, or Flying Squadron who worked on the orders of the French Queen, Catherine de’ Medici. They were a hand-picked team of beautiful courtesans who ensnared the most influential men in the land.

As a woman in a man’s world, Catherine was determined to gain, and keep, power through any means she could. Her squad consisted of aboucatalina-de-medicist 200 women, all of whom had to pass a rigorous test. They had to have beauty, brains, cunning, and absolute loyalty to Catherine. Once they had joined the team, they were trained in the skills of espionage, trickery, seduction, sex, and murder. They also had access to beauticians and doctors to ensure they remained beautiful, youthful, slim, and to ensure they did not get pregnant. Catherine rewarded them well, and, once they left the squad, she found them wealthy husbands.
In my stories, the Seduction Squad has been brought up-to-date. Run as a private company, governments, businesses, even wealthy individuals, pay the Signora (who manages the squad on behalf of its investors) millions for the services of its members. Like Catherine’s, this squad is about more than sex. The training is long and intense. At the end of it, there is nothing the members don’t know and can’t do. The most high-class prostitute would blink in amazement at their repertoire…and so would the most highly paid assassin.

The Seduction Squad is an exclusive, hand-picked group of women whose mission is to seduce or kill—and sometimes seduce and kill—the most powerful men in the world. But sometimes things don’t always go to plan…